All participants who have a valid e-mail address entered may login as a participant to do things such as:

  • Edit their own details
  • Change their password
  • View a list of organisations that their record is associated with, and in certain cases to remove the ability for that organisation to edit their record.

Depending on the Role held at an organisation (e.g. Player, ???) other information may be accessed and updated such as:

  • entering availability for matches (players)
  • viewing statistics (players)
  • viewing match allocations and assessments (???s)
  • and more...

To login a participant needs to know:
  • their ID number - for players* this can be found by doing a player search:
  • their password
  • these details are entered at the login screen
*???s and other participants should contact the organisation (eg club/association) that created their record to obtain their ID number

If a participant has never logged in before they will not have been assigned a password. In this case click the link below to create a login, and at the next screen enter your ID number. A password will be immediately emailed provided that a valid email address has been entered against your record. The password may be changed after logging in.

Create a participant login

Note - if an email address has not been entered, or if you do not know your ID, please contact the organisation (eg club/association) that created your record. Organisations can also create logins for their participants in which case you will have received an email containing the login details.